Sustainable & Circular Policy 

We design a new alliance between environment and human behaviour,
nourishing respectful science and good chemistry.

As Lamberti Personal Care, we aim to combine nature, ethics and science, for sustainable-by-design solutions and ingredients. Respect for nature and people, together with an eco-design vision are key building blocks of all novel Lamberti Personal Care developments. 

We are also constantly engaged into technological improvements, to reduce the environmental impact of our production processes and to provide new sustainable solutions, maintaining a strong focus on performancequality and regulatory requirements. With full awareness of our responsibility, we ensure clear and transparent communication to our stakeholders.

Discover our #respectfulbeauty approach.

Our portfolio is innovation-driven and designed to open new perspectives, supporting our customers in the development of the formulations of tomorrow:

  • ESAFLOR® line is based on polygalactomannans, from  renewable vegetable sources. They are manufactured in a plant that fully meets all required standards for Halal Quality Controls, in line with our ethical approach. Most of our ESAFLOR® cationic derivatives meet also the Cosmos Standards for hair care products, being suitable as conditionin agents for certified formulations.
  • Our proprietary ESAFLOR® ZERO-X technology is a water-smart process to obtain sustainable and water-smart cationic guar derivatives for Personal Care applications.
  • EUCAROL® AGE line (based on glucoside chemistry) and EUCAROL® AGL line (based on amino-acid derivatievs), both come from renewable vegetable sources. These products are manufactured and certified according to the RSPO’s mass Balance supply chain model, meeting also the standards of natural certified products (eg. Natrue and Cosmos).
  • We also provide acrylic polymers and water-born polyurethanes with a very low content of volatile organic compounds.