Skin & Sun Care 

Advanced solutions for conscious consumers

Beauty has no skin tone. Enhance your skin natural beauty, taking the time to enjoy your skin care routine. Cleanse gently, exfoliate slowly, hydrate deeply and protect thoroughly with selected ingredients, to let your natural skin shine through.

Lamberti Personal Care is fully committed to deliver high-quality ingredients based on advanced techcnologies, for versatile skin care products, ensuring impeccable results with multifunctional and high-performance benefits.

Each ingredient within our skin care selection is innovation-driven and designed to open new perspectives, supporting our customers in the development of modern formulations with outstanding sensorialities. Our nature inspired surfactants, ideal for delicate skin, together with our conditioning guar polymers, that leave the skin silky and soft, unlock new possibilities for a mild cleansing action. A complete range of multifunctional rheology modifiers, on the other hand,supports our customers in the development of emulsions with innovative textures.