From She Dares to We Dare 

Empowering farmer families
Guar field

Ramsar Palawala is a rural village in Rajasthan whose economy is based on the cultivation of guar.
Guar is the raw material for the production of our hydrocolloids, which are used in various industrial applications and in Personal Care.

In April 2021 we started “She Dares” project to provide education to women of the community, helping them improving their craft techniques and selling their products, providing an alternative source of income for their families.
After 18 months of intervention, with more than 75 farmer families involved, "She Dares" program ensures a substantial income to these families, with women contributing equally to the family's livelihood as men.

We Dare

We Dare
A Ramsar Palawala's farmer

Frequenting the village community, we learnt that a reasonable number of men have discontinued to do farming to take up odd jobs in and around the village, mainly because of the dependency of harvest on rainfall, coupled with lack of resources, inaccessibility to fair markets and poor agricultural techniques and practices.

We have therefore designed “We Dare”, a new and innovative program that in 2023-24 will focus on encouraging and helping farmers' good practices.
"We Dare" will work on the welfare of farmers, helping them earning enough through agriculture to lead a wholesome and quality life while the women will continue to work in the "She Dares" community center to earn additional income. In this way both pillars of the family will earn thereby building an ecosystem of sustainable rural life for themselves and the future generations.

Project steps

Project steps
Guar pods, seeds and flour

We Dare's goal is to increase the livelihood of rural communities in Ramsar Palawala by enhancing resilience of agriculture through the development, promotion, and adoption of Sustainable Guar Farming Practices.

The phases of the project will be:

- Understand existing agriculture scenario (area, challenges, markets, soil and water quality, agronomic practices)

- Promotion of sustainable Good Agricultural practices in the local community

- Farmer training (10 farmers identified from "She Dares" families)

- Establishment of a Farmers' Club to ensure the trained farmers pass on their knowledge to other families

- Creation of common facility areas to provide quality seeds, manure and other equipment to farmers.