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Lamberti Personal Care has opened a storefront on Knowde

Lamberti Personal Care has opened a storefront on Knowde

Since 2023, we have launched a storefront on Knowde, the leading digital customer experience platform for ingredients, polymers, and chemicals.

In addition to allowing formulators, cosmetic scientists, and buyers to access experts who can answer their questions, Knowde enables users to search for Lamberti Personal Care ingredients, request documents, and order samples. 

“One of the reasons we selected Knowde as a channel to expand our digital reach is the unique messaging capability that enables our customers to communicate directly with our experts when they have technical questions and formulation challenges. With our focus on collaboration, this tool can be an important element of helping us create innovative solutions for our customers.”  Christian Somigliana, Director of Personal Care  

“By making it easier for companies to discover, engage, communicate, and transact with companies like Lamberti Personal Care, Knowde is helping them accelerate innovation and bring new products to market faster.” Dan Haas, Chief Commercial Officer for Knowde

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