Experience perfect skincare

The harmony of multifunctional ingredients
Experience perfect skincare

Skin care adds a new dimension to well-being by evoking positive emotions through scent, texture and feel.

Creams, lotions and masks must be pleasant and flow elegantly.
At once, they have to incorporate new specific active ingredients to differentiate skin types.

Consumers are looking for new experiences and effects similar to those achieved in a salon or makeup artist’s studio, or the illusion of such.

The use of novel technologies and materials multiply tools and experiences of the beauty industry.

VISCOLAM® AT 100 P is a multifunctional ingredient offering delightful consistency, light and easy to spread.

Pre-neutralized and effective over a wide pH range, VISCOLAM® AT 100 P can make formulators life easier and revolution the traditional formulation habits when creating new emulsions.

Contrary to what happens generally, it is the polymer that adapts itself to the manufacturing procedures and not vice versa: VISCOLAM® AT 100 P is cold processable and could be added at any formulation step, swelling and granting stability when poured as the first ingredient after water as well as the last one before the perfume.

Forget completely HLB constraints, VISCOLAM® AT 100 P efficiently create stable emulsions regardless of the chemical nature and polarity of the oil system. pH is no more an issue, acidic or basic formulation could be stabilized and viscosified at once.

VISCOLAM® AT 100 P properties can pave the way for a simple beauty skin care accompanied by new sensory benefits. Sprayable, pourable, or spreadable emulsions as never looked so easy!

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