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Mild Cleansing, the next frontier of personal and environmental care

Mild Cleansing, the next frontier of personal and environmental care

In the personal care sector, more and more consumers demand all-natural ingredients to overcome their fears regarding personal health and wellness.

One such class of materials that has come under significant scrutiny is the surfactant one.  Big amounts of surface active agents are consumed every day on a worldwide scale, for several applications among which personal care.

Environmental concerns and regulatory pressure have also built the driving force to start replacing petrochemical-based surfactants with alternatives based on naturally occurring renewable sources.

Surfactant molecules from renewable raw materials such as alpha-hydroxy acids, fatty- or amino-acids are among the preferred choices for cosmetic applications. 

In line with this scenario and the need for developing efficient, natural-based surfactants, Lamberti offers a range of human- and environmentally-friendly materials.

Our comprehensive range of easy-to-use, naturally based, anionic surfactants, permits to achieve traditional performances, such as effective cleansing and dense luxurious foam, respecting skin and environment at the same time.

EUCAROL® AGEs and ALPICARE GL 612, as well as having a mild toxicological profile, are fully based on renewable raw materials, thus compliant with the more credited natural standards for cosmetics ingredients.