VISCOLAM® acrylic polymers respond to the rheological needs of today's formulators. They make innovative textures, with elegant and smooth rehologies, feasible both in toiletries and skin care applications.

Lamberti Personal care portfolio includes both acrylic polymers in direct- and in inverse-emulsion.

Direct emulsions are liquid rheology modifiers, with multiple benefits for surfactant-based systems: they are able to suspend, stabilize, thicken and enhance the appearance of formulations, all at once.

Liquid polymers in inverse emulsion, on the other hand, are ideal for leave-on applications, such as such as creams, lotions, milks, sunscreens. They are extremely easy to use and versatile, providing emulsification, stabilisation and thickening with one single ingredient. A  light and
pleasant texture is the signature feature of VISCOLAM AT® range, that offer a perfect balance between softness and lightness.