Complete biodegradability and natural origins are qualities that are appreciated by an increasing number of customers.
To the formulators remains the issue of combining mildness and detergent activity.
Lamberti has developed renewable-sources based surfactants to match all these requirements; EUCAROL® Alkyl Gluco Esters (AGE) are mild anionic surfactants, obtained by esterification of coco polyglucose with alpha hydroxy acids.

EUCAROL® AGE/ET MB and EUCAROL® AGE/EC MB are readily biodegradable and conform to Cosmos and Natrue cosmetic standards.

EUCAROL® AGE C50 MB, fully based on renewable raw materials and thus compliant to COSMOS cosmetic standards, is the new take of the classic product, in a concentrated version, with a modern review of the use of water: the anionic surfactant is diluted in a propylene glycol coming from renewable sources. The limited content of water, makes EUCAROL® AGE C50 MB suitable for new formulation trends that aim to limit water in personal care applications.

EUCAROL® AGE are manufactured and certified according to the RSPO’s Mass Balance supply chain model.