Conventional shampoos are usually based on anionic surfactants, really good in removing sebum and dirt, but also often harsh on hair. Shampoos containing ESAFLOR® can simultaneously remove soil and provide additional beauty benefits.
Upon shampoo application and lathering, ESAFLOR® can provide tailored hair conditioning, ensuring improved combability, hair feel and shine.

Walking through the chemistry world with open eyes on sustainability, Lamberti patented ESAFLOR® ZERO-X technology a sustainable process to obtain cationic guar  derivatives suitable for personal care. Besides the significant water saving, supplementary advantages of the new process are a higher yield, a relevant reduction of waste and energy consumption.

Thanks to this innovative technology, the newest ESAFLOR® PFT  was added to Lamberti portfolio. ESAFLOR® PFT  is a transparent, water-smart & sustainable cationic guar.